The Digital Athlete Engine™ 


99% of all businesses and their employees won’t have an IT team and/or CIO (SBA, 2023), making them unable to access the advent of intelligent systems (AI, cloud computing, etc.), and making the SMARTPLATFORM (GENERATIVE CLOUD) market unlike any other in cloud computing (at least 90-100 times bigger). This is because of the massive critical engineering (STEM) deficit, the lack of required CapEx, and because they simply don’t want an IT team and/or CIO, etc. Unbelievably the problem is only getting worse, this is in a workforce at full capacity, and even more so during a downturn. Additionally, the holy grail of customer experience, which is the gathering of all data for an individual customer on a single record, was solved 29+ years ago, by the SMARTPLATFORM. Finally, cloud computing is now the most important, largest computing industry on the planet, it’s only just begun, and the SMARTPLATFORM is the SMARTPHONE of cloud computing. So how many individual Athletes and/or Sports enterprises have IT teams and/or CIO’s?  Conservatively, less than 1 in 10. Then project 20 years into the future, how many will have IT teams and/or CIO’s? And then if you do have an IT team and/or CIO, how is that team, platform, and/or technology building your amateur/professional brand, or driving your top line? Are they using our proprietary sports specific “intelligent” (AI) 100% cloud based DBMS, our proprietary SMARTPLATFORM (GENERATIVE CLOUD), or our proprietary CLEAN DATA? And are you making “any” of the money you’re creating on those generic cloud platforms, using that generic software, and/or on those generic social platforms, if so how much? Now use the same exercise for every other industry.

D1OL’s vision is clear, to be the singular intelligent (AI) all in one (SPORTS) technology Turnkey Cloud SMARTPLATFORM (GENERATIVE CLOUD). Systems, methods, algorithms, and 29+ years of R+D, etc., that can’t be replicated. D1OL is building a singular recognizable platform for Athletes, Fans, Users, and Enterprise Users “worldwide” so they can actually build/invest in themselves on a “sports specific” platform, interact on a “positive” platform, become owners of the next generation, and monetize their Name, Image, Likeness, and Brand in scale through the aggregation of their D1OL Official Solution™ (DOS). A DOS is taking your “official” website and moving it onto the D1OL platform (if you don’t have an official website we will provide you one IE Lite, D1OL, Star, All-Star, Super-Star, etc), and when you give it our engine, software, CLEAN DATA, and enterprise Social, with network effects specifically built for you, it now becomes the next generation SMARTPLATFORM. Time is money, and there is nothing faster, more efficient, more intelligent, or more secure to drive revenues, save money, and achieve critical missions than the SMARTPLATFORM (GENERATIVE CLOUD). Each industry specific SMARTPLATFORM provides a singular software platform that compresses every technology in a standardized way. We enable you to manage and secure the flow of data in a singular system. You can now discover and self serve in real-time to innovate and monetize the fastest way possible. We eliminate the inefficiencies (Multi Clouds, Hybrid Clouds, APIs, etc.) and compress the efficiencies with the biggest technology forces in the world – AI, ML, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, IoT, Microservices, enterprise Social, etc, and all you have to do is TURN THE KEY, this is Economic Empowerment!

D1OL: The Digital Athlete Engine™ is an ESG based proprietary industry specific (SPORTS) intelligent (AI) all in one Turnkey Cloud SMARTPLATFORM (GENERATIVE CLOUD). SporTech™ is our proprietary compression of intelligent (AI) Cloud, Software, and enterprise Social, as a Service for Sports. A Cloud Computing, Sports Enterprise Social Network (SESN), with Real-Time Content Management, providing intelligent delivery and response to the “best” BIG DATA, which is our proprietary CLEAN DATA. Making us the undisputed leader of the clean data revolution. Time is money, and there is nothing faster, more efficient, more intelligent, or more secure to drive revenues, save money, and achieve critical missions than the SMARTPLATFORM (GENERATIVE CLOUD). D1OL utilizes Proprietary, Patents Pending, “Athlete”, “Fan”, and “User” based Systems, Methods, and Algorithms developed by its Founder over the past 29+ years. D1OL offerings allow the client to maximize the D1OL Gateway™ design as their own, and take 100% of the profit from all of their solutions, content, and interaction, always. D1OL offerings include but are not limited to our sports specific intelligent (AI) 100% cloud based DBMS D1OL S4™, proprietary Solutions Stacks, Sports Enterprise Social Network D1OL Gateway™, DApp Store™, D1OL Store™, D1OL Magazine™, D1OL Brand Technology™, D1OL Financial Technology™, D1OL Clearinghouse™, D1OL Sportsbook™, and D1OL Fantasy Sports™.