SporTech™ is a proprietary compression of intelligent (AI) Cloud, Software, and enterprise Social, as a Service for Sports.  An ESG based proprietary industry specific (SPORTS) intelligent (AI) all in one Turnkey Cloud SMARTPLATFORM (GENERATIVE CLOUD).  The SMARTPLATFORM creates 100% relevant and industry specific ethical organic big data, the “best” BIG DATA, aka our proprietary CLEAN DATA. This proprietary foundational model gives you ALIGNMENT (IE “EVERY AI MODEL IS “TRAINED” IN THE CLOUD”, and if their data centers won’t work/are wrong, and/or if their clouds won’t work/are wrong, and/or if their platforms won’t work/are wrong, and/or if their data won’t work/is wrong, and/or if their networking won’t work/is wrong, how could they be aligned?  THEY CAN’T, which means the “smartplatform” is the only offering on the planet giving you alignment), the deepest learning (IE CONTINUED “UNBIASED” TRAINING MODELS), the lowest latency, and all on a single record.  Which creates the fastest, most efficient, most intelligent, and most secure SMARTPLATFORM (GENERATIVE CLOUD) to drive revenues, save money, and achieve critical missions on the planet. And it’s really not even close.  

Our “core” engine is D1OL S4™, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) in the first ever sports specific “intelligent” (AI) 100% cloud based DBMS.  Then, our proprietary Solutions Stacks (seen below) as our Software as a Service (SaaS).  And finally, the D1OL Gateway™, our enterprise Social as a Service, the proprietary Sports Enterprise Social Network (SESN).  Obviously, our proprietary technologies are offered via our mobile application, and our Gateway requires the standard username, password, and verified payment method, as all of our solutions are isolated and encrypted.

Additionally, you can expect more innovation in the form of our proprietary D1OL Brand Technology™, D1OL Magazine™, D1OL Financial Technology™, D1OL Clearinghouse™, D1OL Sportsbook™, and D1OL Fantasy Sports™, the likes of which has never been seen before.  This is Economic Empowerment!

D1OL S4™

D1Ol Sports Solution Software System

D1Ol Sports Solution Software System

D1Ol Sports Solution Software System


D1Ol Sports Solution Software System

  • D1OL Star
  • D1OL All-Star
  • D1OL Super-Star


D1Ol Sports Solution Software System - Amateur Athlete Solutions

D1OL - Sports Solutions Software System - Amateur Athlete Solutions

  • D1OL Lite-Page (fans, users, amateurs, pros, retired (includes college alumni))
  • D1OL K-12
  • D1OL Collegiate
  • D1OL Olympic, International, Retired, Action, Xtreme (OIRAX)


D1OL - Sports Solutions Software Systems - Users/Enterprise

D1OL - Sports Solutions Software Systems - Collegiate Solutions


D1OL - Sports Solutions Software Systems - Gateway Professional

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Note – D1OL is legally compliant with every State, Country, and/or applicable Association.

D1OL’s Solutions are customizable, robust, and cutting-edge, while developed and managed on its proprietary 100% cloud based sports specific “intelligent” (AI) DBMS D1OL S4™, and maintained and marketed through a variety of customized services. D1OL also includes:

  • D1OL Sports Technology Labs™
  • Personalized Professional Services
  • Dedicated Solutions Agents

Patents pending systems and methods for the Athlete, Fan, and User. Every Solution is isolated and encrypted with the Athlete, Fan and User taking 100% of the profit from their D1OL Official Solution™ (DOS).